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The Halloween Episode is the fifth episode of the Sixth Season and the 83rd episode overall of "The Facts Of Life." It first aired on October 27, 1983.


Halloween is coming up, and Mrs. Garrett is dealing with a meat shortage affecting the shop. Meanwhile, Natalie is describing strange activity and weird dreams in the house. A local man named Bigley soon shows up to ask for an order and tells the story of the Gruber sisters who lived on the property before being killed by one of their own.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Ian Wolfe as Mr. Bigley
  • Stefanie Ridel as Gretel
  • Sean De Veritch as Hansel
  • Loren Lester as Roy


  • The names of the Gruber Sisters are Gertrude, Heidi, Helga and Trixie. The Collinsport Ghost Society website features a fleshed out version of their story in it's effort to described the haunted locations in film and TV.


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