The Facts of Life Goes to Paris occurred during the continuity of the original series. Mrs. Garrett and the girls – Blair, Jo, Natalie, and Tootie – embark on an overseas vacation to Paris, France during summer recess. Mrs Garrett attends a prestigious cooking academyand the four girls take part in a program at a French boarding school. While Mrs. Garrett is busy with French cooking lessons, the girls' summer boarding house is oppressive, located kilometers (miles) away outside of Paris, and they are constantly under the watchful eye of their European guardian, a strict woman named Mrs. Southwick (Vivian Brown).

Determined not to let the trip be a total waste, all four girls decide to run away to Paris to enjoy their last few days in France: Blair searches for French romance; while attempting to go to a car race in Le Mans, Jo gets distracted and instead finds it with a young biker named David LeClair (Frédéric Andréi); Natalie and Tootie meet a famous down-on-his-luck American author, Garth "G.K." Kiley (Frank Bonner) and encourage him to try to put down the bottle and pick up the pen again.

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