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Stephen Bradley was a fictional character on the TV series, "The Facts of Life." He was played by film and TV actor John Lawlor in thirteen episodes in the series.


Stephen Bradley was the headmaster of the Eastland School For Girls in Peekskill, New York. He graduated cum laude from Alleghany Teachers and sometimes referred to himself as "The Freud of Sigma Chi." Having originally worked in public school, he heavily relied on Emily Mahoney, one of the teachers, for her assistance to help him understand how things worked at Eastland and on how to work with the female students. Along with being the headmaster, he also taught various classes at the school and acted as a father figure to the girls living away from home, once rescuing Blair Warner and Tootie Ramsey from the school stables during a storm and even dealing with Blair's resulting infatuation. For unknown reasons, he left the school at the beginning of the 1980 Semester, getting replaced by the much more experienced Charles Parker.


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