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Season 2 Episodes 1-16

02.01: The New Girl 1 - November 19, 1980
A new student named Jo Polniaczek arrives at Eastland and Mrs. Garrett has her room with Blair to help her through school, but Jo wants to do something rebellious and dares Blair to go for beers at a local bar.

02.02: The New Girl 2 - November 26, 1980
After wrecking the school van and being thrown in jail, the girls are put on probation and must work in the cafeteria to pay off their damages to the school van, a situation in which they all struggle to adapt.

02.03: Double Standard - December 10, 1980
Blair is visited by her childhood friend, Harrison Andrews, but she is insulted when he instead asks Jo to the country club cotillion instead of her, later discovering his true intentions.

02.04: Who Am I - December 17, 1980
Tootie meets a boy named Fred, who criticizes her for not hanging out with African-American girls and learning about her heritage, but she becomes conflicted when her attempt alienates the others.

02.05: Cousin Geri - December 24, 1980
Blair's cousin, Geri Tyler, visits Eastland Academy, and reveals she's a comedian who has cerebral palsy, visits. Meanwhile, Blair reacts noticeably stand-offish around her.

02.06: Shoplifting - December 31, 1980
For Mrs. Garrett's upcoming birthday, Jo decides to compete with Blair to get a better present than her. However, when the girls go to buy her a shirt, they realize that they have missed a sale. Jo decides to steal the shirt for revenge on the store, but later, Mrs. Garrett wants to return the shirt for another size.

02.07: Teenage Marriage 1 - January 7, 1981
Jo gets into a fight with her mother after discovering she has a man living with her and tries contacting Eddie Brennan, her boyfriend. Getting her message, he goes AWOL from the Navy and surprises her with a marriage proposal.

02.08: Teenage Marriage 2 - January 14, 1981
Mrs. Garrett and the girls try to stall Jo from getting married while struggling to contact Jo's mother, even going as far as organizing an extreme last minute bridal shower.

02.09: Gossip - January 21, 1981
Tootie is tired of being left out by the older girls and starts gossiping to get attention. Unfortunately, her "facts" aren't accurate and cause a rift between Blair, Jo and Nancy, as well as nearly costing Mrs. Garrett her job.

02.10: Breaking Point - January 28, 1981
Blair gets heavily involved in a campaign for student council president against Cynthia, another popular classmate. Unfortunately, Cynthia takes her life over her parents' divorce, leaving her Blair and the others to deal with her sudden absence.

02.11: Sex Symbol - February 4, 1981
Natalie has a study session with Neil Richards, a boy she meets at a school dance, but when he exaggerates their relationship, she receives a barrage of requests from other boys and starts enjoying her new popularity.

02.12: The Secret - February 25, 1981
Jo wins an award, but she is embarrassed of her father who is in prison. When he reveals he'll be paroled in time to attend the ceremony, Jo tries to hide his prison time from her new friends.

02.13: Pretty Babies - March 4, 1981
A fashion photographer comes to Eastland Academy looking for fresh new faces. Blair is certain she will be it, but everyone is surprised when the photographer chooses Tootie.

02.14: Bought and Sold - March 11, 1981
Blair is striving to selling Countess Calvet cosmetics to build her own fortune, but Mrs. Garrett objects when she uses Natalie as a walking garish billboard.

02.15: Free Spirit - March 18, 1981
Mrs. Garrett's son, Alex Garrett, visits Eastland, bragging about his life as a musician socializing with famous people, but Blair is suspicious when his stories don't line up with the facts.

02.16: Brian and Sylvia - March 25, 1981
Tootie and Natalie go to Buffalo to visit Tootie's Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Brian, an interracial couple. When they arrive, they come into a conflict as Sylvia been given a prestigious job offer in Chicago, but Brian doesn't want to leave his local youth center.

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