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Season 1 Episodes 1-13

01.00: Pilot - May 24, 1979
Edna Garrett follows Kimberly Drummond to Eastland Academy to help her get adjusted and ends up helping out the girls of her chaotic dormitory.

01.01: Rough Housing - August 24, 1979
The Drummonds visit Mrs. Garrett at Eastland Academy. During the Harvest Queen competition, Blair makes a comment about her tomboyish competitor, Cindy, not being feminine enough, and even attempts to insinuate that she's lesbian. Cindy decides not to attend the Harvest Ball until Mrs. Garrett helps her with her self-image.

01.02: Like Mother, Like Daughter - August 31, 1979
Blair is upset that she might get a reputation for being easy when her multiple-divorcée mother visits for Parents Night and flirts with the headmaster, Steven Bradley.

01.03: The Return of Mr. Garrett - September 7, 1979
Mrs. Garrett accepts her ex-husband's proposal of remarriage, but changes her mind when she discovers he has been teaching the girls how to gamble.

01.04: I.Q. - September 14, 1979
Mr. Bradley administers I.Q. tests to the students, but Nancy and Sue Ann are not happy with the results.

01.05: Overachieving - March 12, 1980
Tootie's father thinks Mrs. Garrett's influence over his daughter is holding her back as Tootie has aspired to open a beauty salon.

01.06: Emily Dickinson - March 14, 1980
Blair plagiarizes an Emily Dickinson poem about beauty, but must come clean when Mr. Bradley submits the poem to a competition and it wins third prize.

01.07: Dieting - March 21, 1980
Sue Ann goes on a crash diet after hearing Blair imply that a boy won't like her because of her weight.

01.08: The Facts of Love - April 4, 1980
To the chagrin of Mr. Bradley, Mrs. Garrett holds a sex education class and Blair gets into a compromising situation with a boy and has to make a tough decision.

01.09: Flash Flood - April 11, 1980
Blair and Tootie rush to the stables to protect the animals when a flood hits Peekskill. When Mr. Bradley rescues the girls, Blair develops a crush on him.

01.10: Adoption - April 25, 1980
The girls get an assignment to make a family tree, but Natalie doesn't want show hers since she was adopted. Blair then noses into Natalie's business when she arranges for her to talk to her birth mother by phone.

01.11: Running - May 2, 1980
Mr. Bradley pits Cindy and Sue Ann against each other in a track competition. Unfortunately, it's causing a lot of conflicts for the rest of the girls, including Blair receiving a black eye.

01.12: Molly's Holiday - June 4, 1980
Molly finds out her parents are getting divorced. She and the girls devise a scheme to bring them back together, but Molly's father visits with his new girlfriend.

01.13: Dope - June 11, 1980
Blair gets Sue Ann into a clique known as "The Group", whose members are marijuana smokers. Although Blair insists she doesn't smoke, Sue Ann is pressured into trying.

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