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Rough Housing is the 1st episode of the First Season of "The Facts Of Life." It first aired on August 24, 1979.


The Drummonds visit Edna Garrett at Eastland School during the Harvest Queen competition hoping she will come back to work for them, but she is enjoying her time helping the girls. Visiting the girls, Steven Bradley, the new headmaster, extends curfew for the students for the night which frustrates Emily Mahoney one of the teachers. Meanwhile, the girls endorse Cindy Webster to run against Blair for Harvest Queen. Blair soon makes a comment about her not being feminine enough and even tries to insinuate that she's a lesbian. The comment affects Cindy, and she decides not to attend the Harvest Ball, until Mrs. Garrett helps her with her self-image.


Guest Cast[]

  • Conrad Bain as Philip Drummond
  • Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson
  • Todd Bridges as Willis Jackson
  • Dana Plato as Kimberly Drummond


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  • Coming Up