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Molly Parker was a fictional character on "The Facts of Life." She was played by film actress Molly Ringwald of John Hughes fame, appearing in fourteen episodes and two episodes of "Diff'rent Strokes."


Molly Parker is a student at the Eastland Academy for Girls, where she is friends with Kimberly Drummond, Cindy Webster, Tootie Ramsey and Natalie Green. Other girls in her dormitory include Blair Warner, Nancy Olson and Sue Ann Weaver. Their house mother was Edna Garrett, who later became the school dietician. Her favorite activity is photography, often taking pictures for yearbooks and the school newspaper. She also likes playing the acoustic guitar and is known as a fast talker.

It is not known if she has any siblings, but it is known her parents are divorced, occurring while everyone was getting ready to go home for spring break. As a result, she was in a bad mood, and refused to go home, but her friends in the dorm rallied around her. She is very close to her friends, having stood up for new student Jo Polniaczek when she was being teased by Blair for dressing like a boy.

In 1986 when the girls in the dormitory had a reunion at Mrs. Garret's shop, Molly wasn't able to join them since becoming an actress. Unlike the others, she missed hearing the news about Mrs. Garrett opening a store and getting married.


  • Molly Ringwald was likely unable to make the reunion because she was off making the movie, "Pretty In Pink."
  • Molly Ringwald has a fansite.