Molly Park

Molly Parker, played by Molly Ringwald, is a student at the Eastland Academy for Girls, and friends of Kimberly Drummond from Diff'rent Strokes, Blair Warner, Jo Polniaczak, Natalie Green, Tootie Ramsey, Nancy Olson, Cindy Webster, and Sue Ann Weaver. Molly's favorite activities are taking pictures for yearbooks and newspaper, playing the acoustic guitar, and is a fast talker.

In one episode, while everyone was ready to go home for spring break, Molly was in a bad mood, because her parents were getting divorced, and refused to go home.

In another episode, Molly was protecting Jo, when her room mate was bullying her about her mom and parties, and still her friend kept teasing her other friend, even after Molly told her to stop, causing Blair to throw pie.

When Blair, Jo, Natalie, Tootie, Cindy, Sue Ann, Nancy, Andy, and Beverly Ann got together in "The Little Chill", they wondered if Molly recovered from pranks, while shooting a movie, and she was the only one who was unaware that her old dorm manager/lunch lady, Mrs. Garrett got married and moved away with Beverly Ann replacing her and got a shop.

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