Like Mother, Like Daughter
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date August 31, 1979
Written by Jerry Mayer
Directed by Jim Drake
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"Rough Housing"
(series pilot)
"The Return of Mister Garrett"
It’s Parent’s Night at Eastland, and the theme is Viva la France. Blair is excited because her mother, Monica Warner, is coming to visit. Like Blair, she is an artist

herself. Mrs. Garrett remarks that “the leaf doesn’t fall too far from the tree”. Mr. Bradley comes in and ushers everyone to get ready for the event. Just then, Blair’s mother comes in and Mr. Bradley is smitten. Mrs. Garrett introduces herself and the girls comes out to meet Monica. Then, another girl’s father, Justin Branch, comes in and Monica is surprised to see him there. As they go off and talk, Blair sees that something is up as she talks to Mrs. Garrett. Blair then overhears Justin and Monica making a date for later on.

The gossip about the affair spreads like wildfire among the girls (thanks to Tootie and Natalie). Blair is so disgusted by her mother’s behavior that she tries everything she can to be unlike her mother as possible. At Parent’s Night, she confronts her mother about getting involved with a MARRIED man! When Blair mentions that she was divorced three times, Monica slaps Blair, who then runs up to her room. Mrs. Garrett then talks with Blair about how she was totally rough on her mother. Blair has to be so she won’t make the same mistakes her mother did, like Mrs. Garrett mentioned “the leaf doesn’t fall too far from the tree”. Mrs. Garrett then tells her about the wind that takes the leaf and blows it to a place where it takes root and start a new tree. Hearing this, Blair realizes that she is not her mother and starts to relax a bit. Blair then comes down to the party and sees her mother helping out with the cooking and serving. Blair then apologizes and they start to understand one another better.

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